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What's the difference between soundproofing and acoustic treatment?

First off, let's define the difference between sound proofing and room acoustics.

  • Sound proofing: This is essentially the method of isolating any sound from getting in or out of a space/room.
  • Room Acoustics: This deals with getting a room to sound good by using materials within the room to dampen reverb/echo and flatten out the room's frequency spectrum.

Acoustic treatment, in the context of a recording studio, generally deals with the acoustic qualityof the room from a listener's point of view. In other words, if you monitor in a control room that has been designed using the correct acoustic treatment, what you hear is likely to be more accurate than the same recording played back over the same speakers in an untreated room.

Soundproofing, on the other hand, is specifically designed to increase the degree of acoustic isolation between the studio and the world outside -- cutting down on noise that leaks into or out of the studio. Sound isolation works the same both ways, so there's no difference in approach to keeping sound in or out.

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